For a healthier, wealthier life – doTERRA Independent Product Consultant

doTERRA’s Loyalty program can help families or individuals improve their health and save money.

As an Independent Product Consultant you get the products at wholesale prices (25% off retail).  Then, for each month you stay active on the loyalty rewards program you earn a product credit of 10%-30%.  When you use the credits to purchase products you can get as high as 55% off of the retail price.

To stay active in the Loyalty program you need to purchase a minimum of 10 product value (approx $1.00 (U.S.) per point).  This holds your CURRENT product credit level.  To advance your discount levels you need to purchase a minimum of 50 product value.  If you have any month where you do not purchase at least 10 product value (PV) points then you restart at the beginning of the chart.

Consecutive Months
1 – 3 4 – 6 7 – 9 10 – 12 13 +
10% 15% 20% 25% 30%
25% Wholesale Discount 25%
Total Savings and Product Credits 55%

The Loyalty Program is the biggest reason why you would want to enroll with doTERRA as a full Independent Product Consultant (IPC).  If you sign up as a Preferred Customer then you still get the discount but you cannot earn the product credits.  

The overall results of being a loyal doTerra customer is you can earn free products!

As a person building a business I use the credits to get products which I give away to new interested customers. As a person that uses the products all the time, I use the credits to buy a new diffuser, or even give my mom some extra product now and then. I could even use the credits to give gifts for birthdays or the holidays.

Lotus Diffuser

doTerra’s Lotus Diffuser