A New Way To Make A Living

Take Control of Your Financial Future

I am like you.  I work a 9-5 and have done so for 20 years.  I’ve invested in the stock market, I’ve had 401k retirement working to survive not thriveplans, and I’ve done OK for myself and my family.  But I am concerned about the future and how I’ll provide for things like a college education for my kids, weddings, and perhaps even helping them get started in life.

Many years ago I decided I wanted to be sure that I could hit my retirement goals PLUS all the other things too.  I looked around and realized that punching a clock may not be enough.

I needed to find some type of income source that would return like an investment — not just trade an hour of my time for some hourly wage in return.

Enter network marking!

MLM?  What? I’ve heard that before, it’s a scam.. right?  Not really.  And here’s why.  When done the right way network marketing is the same thing as getting a regular sales job.  A salesperson gets a commission from selling a product so someone (same as Network Marketing), a salesperson, depending on the company, may earn a monthly bonus if they client they brought to the company continues to buy products or services (same as Network Marketing), a manager of a sales team gets bonuses when their team performs well (yes… same as Network Marketing), and finally, when a sale is made the company splits the profits with the company and the salesperson (yep.. same as Network Marketing).

futureThe only real difference here is how the company decides to market the product.  A regular company will spend thousands to even hundreds of millions of dollars each year to put their products on TV, radio, web ads, etc….  But with a network marketing company you (and me) become the marketing people and the company takes the savings and passes that back to us as part of our commissions.

How to tell if a network marketing (or direct sales) company is good or bad?

Let’s face it.  If we get involved with a bad company we could lose a lot more than just time and money.  We could damage our relationships with friends and family or worse!

Do a bit of legwork to get the details to make a smart and informed decision:

  • Consider the products:  Do they have a good reputation in the market? (check the web)
  • Learn about the company leaders: Have they had any legal troubles and have they been in the industry you are interested in for long?
  • Evaluate the plan: Talk to a representative of the company and learn about the compensation plan and any requirements for doing the business.  Watch for contracts and other obligations that bind you to the company.  A good company will be open and flexible so you are never trapped.
  • Find out about refunds and how they work.
  • As questions .. questions… questions… about the company and the person you are considering to be your sponsor with the company:
    • How long has the company been in business
    • How long has the representative worked for the company
    • How does the representative support their team for personal and business purposes

If you find the right company with the right products and the right support then you have found something you will be confident to personally represent — and that’s a huge advantage to have when getting involved.

So what’s your part?

There is no get rich quick scheme.  Anyone that tells you so is just selling air and is looking to scam you in to joining theirrolling up your sleeves team so they can make money from you.  The truth is anything worth while will take time, consistency, and effort to build success.  You should expect to work.  But the goal is to work smarter, not harder.


The basic formula for Direct Sales/MLM/Network Marketing

  • Know your WHY: Why are you getting involved with the business.  It does not matter if it is to help your finances or because you love the product, knowing WHY is super important.
  • Use and build testimony about the products you use.  If you don’t KNOW they work, then you will not have the conviction to help other people learn the same.
  • Find others who share the same passions about the products you want to represent.
  • Teach them about the products in a friendly, honest way.  If you put your customers and investigators first you are on the right track.
  • Provide fantastic customer service.  It does not matter if they buy or join your team now.  If people feel confident they can come to you to get honest answers about products or processes then they will remember that and may return at a later date to become a customer or a teammate.
  • Be consistent and treat your new job like a job.  Set aside time each week where you will work.  Ask your family to support you or even help you find success.  Over time it will pay off.
  • Have fun. Yes.. FUN!  You will make new friends along the way and could even change the lives of people or entire families.  So have fun!

I started working with the best essential oils company in the world in 2012.  I’ve helped hundreds of people gain access to the best products and to help start new business opportunities.  Contact Me (brian@EssentialOilSite.com) with any questions you have.

If you love essential oils, and are ready to get to work you can change your financial future.  Just ask me how.