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Frankincense Often called the “king of oils, ” Frankincense promotes feelings of peace and overall wellness when used aromatically, while topical and internal uses provide modern health benefits.* Primary Benefits Supports healthy cellular function* Promotes feelings of relaxation Reduces the appearance of skin imperfections   Aromatic Description Warm, spicy, clean Collection Method Steam Distillation Plant

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Cardamom Through a collaborative sourcing initiative in Guatemala, doTERRA retrieves high quality Cardamom seeds which are distilled into Cardamom essential oil that can assist with gastrointestinal and respiratory health.* Primary Benefits May help ease indigestion and maintain overall gastrointestinal health* Promotes clear breathing and respiratory health* Helps alleviate occasional feelings of stomach discomfort* Flavorful spice

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Peppermint The high menthol content of the doTERRA Peppermint essential oil sets it apart from others when it comes to quality—making it one of the best-selling favorites among doTERRA essential oils. Primary Benefits Promotes healthy respiratory function and clear breathing* Promotes digestive health* Repels bugs naturally   Aromatic Description Minty, fresh, herbaceous Collection Method Steam

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